Publishing Verifications to a Team

For Chaos Toolkit to send Verifications and Executions data to a team, you must have the ChaosIQ Cloud extension installed.

$ pip install -U chaosiq-cloud

Then, sign in to ChaosIQ

$ chaos signin

You will be asked the URL of ChaosIQ. It defaults to, for SaaS users. If you use an an alternative deployment, change it to your URL and your choice will be remembered next time you sign in.

ChaosIQ then asks for a token to identify you. To generate a new token, click on the Tokens link from the top menu.

Tokens Screen

Click on Generate a Token to create a new token.

New Tokens

Once you have chosen a name for your token, click on the Generate Token button. A message is displayed with your token. Copy it, then switch back to your terminal and paste it.

Your token is displayed and you can copy it

Chaos Toolkit will then retrieve the list of organizations you belong to and asks you to choose which one you will publish to. If you only belong to one organization, ChaosIQ will skip this step. You are then asked to select which team you want to publish your experiments to. Select the one you want, and you are ready to run experiments.

ChaosIQ Sign-in process when running Chaos Toolkit in a terminal

If you run an experiment with the chaos run command, it will now be published to ChaosIQ and available on the Executions page.

The chaos run commands now outputs a link to your execution information in ChaosIQ

Screenshot of your Executions list in ChaosIQ