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How do I check I have the latest version of the ChaosIQ plugin?

To connect the Chaos Toolkit to ChaosIQ you need to install and run the chaosiq-cloud plugin. The plugin is added to the python environment where you run the Chaos Toolkit, so navigate to you terminal window where you have the Chaos Toolkit setup, and enter:

$ pip search 'chaosiq'
chaosiq-cloud (0.10.0)  - ChaosIQ plugin for the Chaos Toolkit CLI
  INSTALLED: 0.9.0
  LATEST:    0.10.0

The output shows in this case version 0.9.0 of the chaosiq-cloud is installed and the latest version is 0.10.0.

Normally you would expect to be using the latest version if you want to install the latest version enter:

pip install --upgrade chaosiq-cloud

The command will output a lot of dependency information for the chaosiq-cloud package, which is omitted for brevity, but it will finish with the following text:

Installing collected packages: chaosiq-cloud
  Attempting uninstall: chaosiq-cloud
    Found existing installation: chaosiq-cloud 0.9.0
    Uninstalling chaosiq-cloud-0.9.0:
      Successfully uninstalled chaosiq-cloud-0.9.0
Successfully installed chaosiq-cloud-0.10.0

This shows the package has now been installed with the latest version.