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Creating a Team

You can create an unlimited number of teams in your organization. Teams can be used to gather real-life teams or members of different teams working on common projects. They are a flexible model that should be able to fit the way you and your teammates want to work.

Opening the Teams dropdown in the top-left corner of the window will list your available teams as well as allow you to create a new one.

Teams Dropdown

Click the Add a team button. On the Create a new Team page, you are asked to choose a name for your organization.

New Team Form

When you are happy with your team name, click the Create Team button. A message will appear, telling you your organization was successfully created.

A message confirms your team has been created

This new organization is now listed in the top-left Teams menu.

Clicking on its name will take you to the new team’s Objectives.

Team Objectives

Alternatively, you can use the Teams link in the top menu to view a list of the organizations you belong too and create new ones.

Teams Page screenshot

Adding members to a team

In a team view, click on the People link in the sidebar menu to display the list of all this team’s members.

Team Memebers screenshot

Click on the Add members button to display a list of all people that can be added to this team (they are the people in your organization that are not yet members of this team).

Add Members